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Level I Instruction

Level I Instruction

Level 1 image with, Topic, Means, Sender , Receiver

Profile of Student at Level I

Students (sender) are unaware that they have an effect on their world; they show comfort or discomfort reflexively with their body or facial expressions. These spontaneous, but non-goal directed, behaviors such as crying, affective responses, or body movements are interpreted by the receiver whose consistent actions assign meaning to that response over time. 

For more information about Level I go to the Communication Matrix website.

Focus of Instruction

To support senders in this level the receiver will:

  • Establish purposeful behavior by creating highly responsive environments.
  • Learn to interpret different sender behaviors.
  • Increase attention to different sender initiations.
  • Create new opportunities for interactive episodes.

Example Goals for the Student (Sender)

Goals are intended to assist the sender to achieve mastery of Level I and prepare them for transition to Level II.

Click example goals below for more description of intervention at this level.

Outcomes of Level I Instruction

Achieving these outcomes at Level I boosts child to emerging Level II.

  • Topic: Expresses awareness or interest in topics initiated by partner. These tend to be related to basic motor/sensory needs.
  • Means:  Demonstrates independent means of expression that are detectable to partners.
  • Sender: Demonstrates intentional behavior in response to different sensory and motor experiences.
  • Receiver:  Develops secure relationship with a partner who is accessible and responsive.