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Level II Instruction

Level II Instruction

Level 2 image with, Topic, Means, Sender , Receiver

Profile of Student at Level II

Senders  now act with intent as demonstrated through purposeful behavior for a variety of topics (social/nonsocial). These reciprocal interactions, many of which are initiated by a partner, provide the sender an opportunity during pauses to indicate a desire to continue or repeat interactions. Communication to reinstate or end these interactions is still partner perceived (i.e., interpreting the intent behind the behavior).  Such opportunities create; an expectation of our sender’s active participation, their access to topics, and a context for shared experiences with their partner. Sender does not yet demonstrate coordinated behavior to both receiver and topic.

Focus of Instruction

To support senders in this level the receiver will:
  • Respond to potentially communicative behaviors so that the senders become aware of their communicative purposes as well as the importance of having a communication partner.

Goals for Student (Sender)

Goals are intended to assist the senders to achieve mastery of Level II as well as prepare them for transition to Level III.

Outcomes of Level I Instruction

Topic: Demonstrates preferences as a result of repeated shared experiences.

Means: Build fluency and expand repertoire of behaviors associated with topics (actions on objects or movements related to topic).

Sender: Demonstrates purposeful behavior to engage in interactions with people and things

Receiver:  Expand communication partners to reinstate shared interactions

Achieving boosts child to emerging Level III-IV