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YouTube video about SLK (Level I)

Active Learning Space – a resource for information about using active learning strategies for assessment and implementation.

Child Guided Strategies – J. van Dijk – an assessment and intervention approach that follows the individual learner and targets functional and meaningful 

The Early Communication Process Using Microswitch Technology – C. Rowland and P. Schweigert

Early Interactions with Children who are Deaf-Blind -D. Gleason – an article that provides strategies to promote social interaction and early communication.(Level I)

Every Move Counts  by  by Jane Korsten, MS/SLP/ATR is a sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology for individuals with significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences and autism. 

Hand in Hand: Essentials of Communication and Orientation and Mobility for you Students Who are Deaf-Blind Joffee, E. &  Rafalowski Welch, T. 

Learning Through Touch  – McLinden, M. & McCall, S. (2002)  – Written to assist teachers and other professionals who support children with visual impairment and additional difficulties, this text examines the role of touch in developing effective teaching and learning.

Lilli Nielsen’s Active Learning– “Active Learning is an approach shown to reach learners with the most severe disabilities, including cerebral palsy, deaf blindness and developmental delay. LilliWorks is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the Active Learning principle that “Everyone Can Learn”

National Center on Deaf-blindness information on attachment and early interactions for learners with dual sensory impairments.

Promoting Learning Through Active Interaction: A Guide to Early Communication with Young Children Who Have Multiple Disabilities (PLAI)-by Deborah Chen, Ph.D, M. Daine Klein, Ph.D., and Michelle Haney, Ph.D. is an intervention guide and video to work to show caregivers how to become aware of their child’s early communicative behavior.

Sensory Learning Kit  (SLK) by Millie Smith –Sensory Response Appetite Aversion assessment

Tangible Symbol Systems – Charity Rowland & Philip Schweigert –  guide providing a systematic sequence of instruction for the use of symbols throughout the day for communication.

Teach CVI – partnership that aims to create collaborative tools for teachers and health care professionals.

Using Cues to Enhance Expressive Communication - M. Demchak, C. Rickard, & M. Elquist (2002)